Dein Team sucht nachhaltige Mode mit Stil?


Do you, your colleagues or does your club or your football team want to order new strips, T-shirts, caps or towels – without any fuss or difficulty? Do you want to be sure that they have been produced by sustainable manufacturing practices and that they will be delivered directly to the address you specify?  

Deine Team möchte soziale und ökologische Verantwortung bei der Bestellung übernehmen?


Then you have come to exactly the right place! We offer a professional service, taking care of the delivery of your order to the required address, and you can rest assured that the products will be of the quality you require and have been produced under fair conditions for the workers and the environment. 

Dann bestelle einfach und unkompliziert bei Fashion for Teams nachhaltige Mode mit Stil und Verantwortung


And the best thing is that, when you place your purchase order, the good you do will extend beyond you and your team because every order goes some way to supporting sustainable textile production, helping people in Africa and protecting the environment, given that the proceeds from your purchase order will be invested in the work of the Cotton made in Africa Initiative. 


As ATAKORA Fördergesellschaft we have been working with textile companies like PUMA, OTTO and s.Oliver since more than 10 years. The following teams have already been won over for our product Fashion for Teams:

Sabine Weihmann and CEO of Welthungerhilfe Dr. Till Wahnbaeck
Sabine Weihmann and CEO of Welthungerhilfe Dr. Till Wahnbaeck

Day after day the staff at Welthungerhilfe all around the globe work for a world without hunger and poverty. Our mission is to improve life chances for present and future generations in a healthy environment and a fair society. Sustainability is our watchword: in the projects all over the world and in our work in Germany and Europe – and therefore also in the purchase of supplies and materials for our work. When we choose T-shirts for our employees and volunteers, we look for fair production conditions and sustainable cotton farming practices at source. That's why we opted for Fashion for Teams offered by Cotton made in Africa. The proceeds are invested in the work of the Cotton made in Africa initiative and benefit the smallholders in Africa. The ecological footprint of CmiA-certified cotton is also very good. That's why we have been keen to partner and support CmiA since it was started up in 2005!"