We at Fashion for Teams will take care of your purchase order, all the way from raw material to end product – and then we'll go the extra mile. We are not content to just supply you and your team with textiles but we want to offer you alternatives to conventionally produced clothing. Our aim is to support and establish teams all over the world – both between you, your colleagues or your fans as well as between your team and the people who have made the products – from the planting of the crop to the finished product. In our bid to achieve this aim, we only work with companies which meet internationally recognized social compliance standards. Only products which comply with the relevant requirements will be approved to carry the Fashion for Teams label and delivered to you. 


What is more, the proceeds from Fashion for Teams are used in the spirit of a social business. They directly support the people and protect nature at the first link of the textile chain. They directly benefit the smallholders in sub-Saharan Africa and their families and are invested in the Cotton made in Africa initiative. The smallholders in Africa are at the start of the textile production chain and live from the cultivation of the raw material. It is our wish – and our stated aim – to make them feel part of a global team and to bring the two ends of the fashion industry together. So with every product you buy, you will not only be doing a good deed for your team but you will also be supporting the work of Cotton made in Africa

Pictures: Aid by Trade Foundation /  Ursula Meissner